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Nuia, the land of those who Live in harmony with nature through their firm belief in the love of the Goddess. Harihara, land at laborers filled with the spirit of the Goddess, possessed of strong will who shape nature itself.

These two continents are where your story begins. Cut across vast expanses of Land on a horse or a snow lion, board a ship and cross the mighty ocean to conduct trade, or search hidden lands tar and wide for treasures.Beware, you might find yourself having to train your cannons on an enemy ship or bombard enemy castle ramparts with a siege engine.

Behind allot these tie the hidden secrets of the awakened land, the Lost Continent and its lormer denizens. Recall the legacy of Delphinad, the greatest city ever to exist, and discover the traces of the ancient heroes and gods who had no choice but to travel to the Lost Continent to destroy it by doing so, you may even hag the conspiracy that is lurking in the shadows of this world.

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Continental relers who fear not death! Fight fearlessly until your fallen kingdom has been restored.

Blessing of Nui

If you enter a post-resurrection weakened state, you receive the blessing of the Goddess Nui. The length of the Goddess Nui’s Comfort effect is increased by 100%

Before Sunset

The time required for house or castle-related construction is reduced by 30%


Hermits of the beautiful forest, they watch the inevitable passage of time and stroll around the forest without fear

Deep Breath

Underwater breathing time is increasedby 20 seconds.

Supple Flow

Your swimming speed is increased by 5%


Nomads of the plains, about to embark upon a new adventure. The winds of change that will define your fate are blowing!

Soft Landing

Damage from falling is reduced by 20%

Sharpened Claws

Thanks to your sharp claws, you can climb trees and ladders 30% faster.


Pioneers of the continent that forge their own way. Rouse and subjugate the sleepy land for the enjoyment of your family and kin!

There’s No Place Like Home

The cooldown timer on your recall ability is reduced by 30%.

Impetuous Spirit

Tree-felling and herb-collecting gathering time is reduced by 10%

Combining 10 Ability Trees & 120 Classes.

No matter which one you choose, you can enjoy Archeage in many different ways thanks to each one's special characteristics and skills!

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Do you remember the Mermaid's Tears lagoon on the south-east of Sanddeep? Even if you haven't been there, you probably, at least heard about this lovely place on West Continent. White beaches, crystal clear sea water, coral reefs, needless to say that lagoon has become a favorite place of rest for ArcheAge civilians. Unlike them, fearless warriors do not have time for such relaxing journeys - or else, who will be saving the world?...

Burnt Castle

Once its walls were white as snow, and now they seem black, after a flame hit them. Once, a Duke leaved in the Castle. He was power hungry, so he decided to usurp the throne. He called for demons help and condemned his people to destruction... Centuries passed, but the ghosts of the dead are still languishing in the depths of the arsenal. Who will bring them peace? ...


City-state Rose End was founded in 240 B.C. by three aristocratic families of Salem, which were in relation to the royal dynasty. By the efforts of these Great Houses it quickly turned into a cultural, commercial and financial capital of West mainland, becoming, in fact, an independent city-state. In 390 Illion, started a war, which later was proclaimed as “Eclipse War”. He quickly gained Salem, the ruling family which, nevertheless, managed to escape and flee to the Eastern continent. In the year 395, and n. he attacked Rose End and a few months besieging it. To prevent any possible corruption, clans Rose End decided to conclude a peace treaty Illion. His wife was Marian Veyrdvind, representative of one of the ruling dynasties, which proposed the idea of making peace. In honor of the savior of the city, Rose End was renamed to Merianhold. There is still an unspoken tradition among the great houses of Marianholdof, to give to the eldest daughters, the pretenders to the throne of the two crowns, the name of Marian.


Halcyona lays right across the Mountains on the south of the West Continent. Land, where wheat ears are swinging in the wind, and sunlit wheat fields seem golden. But local residents think not about the landscape beauty or reach harvests... It takes just a little bit more to find out about this place and numerous sad war stories, betrayals, devious intrigues will arise...

White Arden

This place has a special mystical power: after the Collapse, nations escaped a disaster and got to what is now White Arden, the West continent through Hereafter. That's why it is a border with the Underworld! Undead are swarming here and many of them do not even realize that they are no longer alive. The dead are buried in Widow’s Rapids, and sometimes they send coffins to Hereafter, sending them along the Summer Leaf River. Undead are coming to the river and to the Twisted Boatman Obolus arms, who sends them across the river...


A trip to the Eastern mainland...starting from the Tigerspine mountains in the direction of the Solis Headlands, you will see amazing jungle full of dangerous monsters, The city of Towers, hidden deep in the jungle, and small but very beautiful Mahadevi port on the slope of the mountain.

Rookborne Basin

Rookborne basin is a homeland of Firran people. Legends’ telling it’s a way to the dead kingdom. When Firran feels his last breath is coming, he goes to Rookborne basin to wait for it...

Arcum Iris

Nature is angry with the East Continent, and the inhabitants of the mainland often make incredible efforts to survive. So, we devoted our article to one of the most unfriendly places. We are talking about Arcum Iris, burnt valley and surrounded by mountain ranges. And although it seems that the climate of this place has a very negative impact on creatures, Once you will take a closer look, Arcum Iris has its own unique ecosystem. Arcum Iris is an "Oriental Pearl".


Hasla is the heart of East Ishvara. 700 years ago these lands were center of great Timi Empire, the Mahra Kosan was ruling Firran from here. The Veroe is now here - residence of King Jian.


Fill up your ship with trade goods and set sail!


For all those goods that you can't carry yourself, you've always got the cart !

Guiness Record

Reach the new tops with your friends together!

Lover's Rowboat

Silent lake, boat and two fallen in lovers... It looks so beautiful.

Trade Ships

Fill up your ship with trade goods and set sail!


For all those goods that you can't carry yourself, you've always got the cart !


The donkey is not very fast, but he is your faithful companion every step on the path to riches

Flight Competitions

Fly trought the open air and experience the thrill of soaring through the skies ! Leap off the user-build jumping deck located in Marianople City !


Spectacular flights that weave their way across the heavens ! The airshow - another unique glider experience !

Mountain climbing

What does it feel like to jump on a glider and skip across the clouds ? Enjoy the boudless natural world of ArchAge !

Jury System Guilty or Innocent, It's Up to Me !

These apply to all work performed Jury System

Prisoner Labor Points

These apply to all work performed

Soccer Competition

The stakes are much higher when you're playing soccer in prison !

Prison Break

Dream up the perfect breakour and make your way to freedom !

Shining Craftworks

Reach so high tops of many professions !


The stakes are much higher when you're playing soccer in prison !

Merchant's Giant Pack

Pack many goods to only one giant pack !

The Beginning of Wars That Will Shape the Destiny of the Lost Continent

Sharpen your spears and swords to protect. your territory and castles, riches and honor. You'll need plenty of courage to emerge vicotrious !

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